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The Declaration of Independence states that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are key to establishing the unalienable rights that our government is sworn to protect. These words inspired the founders of our country, and resonate with Pursuit Advocacy’s mission as we partner with clients to improve their work life as they exercise their liberty to pursue their happiness -- achieving their Pennsylvania state government goals. We provide our clients with the superior services needed to resolve complex state government challenges by ably navigating the bureaucracy of Pennsylvania state government.

Your PA Pursuits

Your Pennsylvania government goals are our mission. No matter the challenges you face, we have a detailed and thoughtful plan tailored to help you succeed—and the experience to get the job done.

Successful Pursuits: 

When a large company came to Pursuit trying to determine whether to move part of its operation to another state or remain in Pennsylvania and expand their business here, Pursuit Advocacy successfully assisted them in securing a complex and challenging state government permit expeditiously so they would stay in the commonwealth.


With multiple business clients continually attempting to make the business climate more competitive in Pennsylvania, Pursuit Advocacy was among those lobbying and supporting the General Assembly and the governor in enacting long-awaited legislation to lower the Corporate Net Income Tax (CNIT).


When a large nonprofit Pennsylvania company’s CEO was interested in serving on a newly created statewide commission, Pursuit Advocacy successfully assisted in securing a competitive appointment to that commission.


When a large company needed to update a state statute so that it better reflected how e-commerce works in modern society, Pursuit Advocacy successfully assisted them in enacting updated legislation.


When a Pennsylvania-based higher education university needed funding to help suppress its tuition increase, Pursuit Advocacy assisted in ensuring they would receive such funding in the state budget.


When a Pennsylvania nonprofit wanted to work to better reflect underrepresented populations, Pursuit Advocacy worked to ensure that their voices would be heard and represented in the work product of the commission.


When multiple clients wanted to educate and share information with political candidates, Pursuit Advocacy secured meetings with candidates and campaign staff to educate and share policy information.


When a Pennsylvania nonprofit client wanted to educate legislators on policy issues that impact legislators’ constituents, Pursuit Advocacy presented before an entire caucus to share important policy information with numerous legislators.


When a Pennsylvania university sought to start a scholarship for underrepresented minorities with financial need, Pursuit Advocacy was able to secure scholarship funding for future underrepresented minority students with financial needs at the school.

When a large Pennsylvania nonprofit health care client needed regulatory flexibility in providing services to those with substance use disorder, Pursuit Advocacy successfully lobbied the Administration and General Assembly to enact such legislation. 

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